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Recognition of the sample

Whenthecustomer'sopinionisdifferentfromtheactualsituation,youshouldconsiderthepossiblelightsourceproblemandcommunicatewiththecustomer. Whenthecustomerreactstomostoftheswatches,itshouldbeconsideredthat
When the customer's opinion is different from the actual situation, you should consider the possible light source problem and communicate with the customer.
When the customer reacts to most of the swatches, it should be considered that the customer may be a double-layered, especially thin, transparent fabric, and the laminate will look deeper. Some large companies require four layers of color for thin, transparent woven fabrics and knitted fabrics. The conventional one is a single layer of color.
When the "jumping light" is serious, consider replacing the dye to improve the "jumping light". To understand the "metachromatic" performance of dyes, make full use of the colorimeter to screen dyes. When the applicable dyes of our factory can not meet the customer's "jumping lamp" requirements or "jumping lights" at △E<0.5, they should communicate with customers. Once the sample of the factory has been confirmed, the “jumping light” problem does not exist when the sample is confirmed as a reference. Never choose a large production unstable dyeing formula to meet the customer's requirements.
When directly producing the sample color, you should try to match the color under various light sources, such as D65 natural light, fluorescent light, and do not have serious "jumping lights".