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Confirmation of production of large samples (head cylinder type)

The color light requirements for large sample production should be based on the customer's approval opinion, and the original sample should be used as the benchmark to confirm the deviation, and the customer should be persuaded to use the confirmation sample as the benchmark. Because the confirmed fabric specifications are consistent with the large samples, it is easy to see, the dyes used are the same, and there is no "lighting" phenomenon. Generally, the color light is between the two, the gray card is above 4, △E<1 (the internal control standard is generally △E<0.8), and the customer will recognize it.
The batch difference control is above the gray card level 4, the left middle right color difference is controlled above 4-5 level, and the batch difference △E<1 (within internal control of 0.8). When using dyes, try to use dyes that are consistent with the sample prescription. Adjusting the color light, the newly added dye may cause the phenomenon of "jumping lights". When there are obvious "jumping lights" between the large sample and the confirmation sample, there is a risk of rejection of large goods, which brings economic loss and reputation reduction to the enterprise. For example, dyes with common dye spectrum reversal, such as: turquoise, Shilin RB, B green, T green, R red, etc. as additive dyes, should be treated with care, check whether there are serious "jumping lights" under each light source. If there is, it cannot be added.
When ordering and replenishing orders, the head cylinder confirmation sample is generally used as the benchmark to confirm the deviation of the original sample and the confirmation sample, so as to keep the whole batch of color shades consistent, but sometimes the customer insists on using the original sample or the confirmation sample as the reference, and the color light direction considers the large sample color light.
Finishing has an effect on the color light, and the color of the different colors is different. Therefore, after the dyeing and stakeout, the sample of the process is finished after the imitation, and the color light is adjusted and dyed to meet the customer's requirements.