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Cotton-dyed dynasty fabrics

IntheChinesewovencottoncity,akindof“cotton-dyeddynastyfabric”hasemerged.Withitsnewlook,ithasattractedmanymerchantstostop,notonlythespottradingisactive,butalsothenumberofsamplebuyersisincreasing. Itisu
In the Chinese woven cotton city, a kind of “cotton-dyed dynasty fabric” has emerged. With its new look, it has attracted many merchants to stop, not only the spot trading is active, but also the number of sample buyers is increasing.
It is understood that the product uses 32S*32S cotton yarn as raw material, selects the plain weave structure, weaves on the rapier loom, and successively finishes the main processes such as dyeing-textile-finishing. The cloth is trusted by both urban and rural consumers for its comfortable wearing, easy care, softness, no wrinkle, good taking, and charming appearance. There are three types of large, medium and small. The width of this product is 145cm, and the weight per meter is about 280g. The current market is about 15.00 yuan per meter. It is suitable for the fashion fabrics of women's suits and skirts. Why the cotton-dyed Chaoyang grid fabrics are popular in the market, mainly due to the dye-dyed method and impeccable quality; followed by the beauty of the style and the ability to modify the character. The upper body is not only amazing, but also rich and elegant. Shortly after the listing, Shandong, Beijing, Liaoning, Guangdong, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other places have come to this purchase.